The shack

Adrian Clark
John Woods

  1. Name. The Society shall be called the University of Essex Amateur Radio Society or EARS.

  2. Aims. The furtherance of amateur radio skills by the mutual exchange of knowledge and assistance between members and the organisation of demonstrations, workshops, competitions etc.

  3. Membership. Membership is open to any person interested in, practising, or wishes to learn about amateur radio and who actively supports EARS's objectives. The Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to membership.

    Membership is not transferable.

    Members attending any of the Society's activities do so at their own risk. EARS will not accept responsibility of any illness or injury caused from the use of any equipment used at any of the group's activities.

  4. Management. EARS shall be managed by a Committee consisting of an elected Chairman, Secretaty, Treasurer and a number of other elected committee members. Election to the Committee shall take place at the annual AGM.

    Secretarial, financial and group organisation duties shall be shared out between committee members at the first committee meeting after the AGM.

    Committee meetings shall be held as required with a quorum of half the number of Committee members.

  5. Subscriptions. Annual subscriptions and meeting fees shall be determined at the AGM.

  6. Finance. The financial year of the Society shall end on 31st March each year. A bank account shall be held in the name of University of Essex Amateur Radio Society. Any cheques drawn against club funds shall hold the signatures of two appointed Committee members.

    Any appointed Society member shall be reimbursed for materials and travelling expenses they incur while acting on the Society's behalf. Travelling expenses shall be set at 25p per mile, this figure to be reviewed annually by the Committee. Other expenses shall be refunded upon proof of purchase.

  7. Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Annual General Meeting shall be held in April of each year. The AGM shall receive a report from the Committee and a statement of accounts. The presented accounts shall be for the period ending 31st March of that year and shall have had an independent scrutiny prior to presentation.

    Nominations for the Committee shall be sent to the Chairman prior to the AGM.

    Election of the Committee shall take place at the AGM.

    All members have the right to vote.

  8. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs). EGMs of the Society may be called at the behest of the Committee or by written request to the Chairman, such request being signed by at least 10 members. Within 7 days of such request, notices shall be sent to all members giving at least 14 days' notice of said meeting.

  9. Alteration of Constitution. Alterations of this constitution may only be made by the AGM or an EGM. Any proposed changes must be submitted to the Chairman at least 7 days before said meeting.

  10. Termination of Membership. Membership is terminated if:

    • the member dies or EARS ceases to exist;

    • the membership fee is not paid at the required time;

    • the member is removed from membership by the resolution of the Committee that it is in the best interest of EARS. The member shall be informed of this removal of membership by letter or email. The member shall have the right to appeal; this appeal shall be considered at the next Committee meeting but the judgement of the Committee is final.

  11. Dissolution. EARS may only be dissolved after an AGM or EGM has resolved, by at least two-thirds of the members present, that dissolution should take place. Dissolution shall be put into effect by the last elected Committee who, after discharging all EARS obligations, shall donate the remaining funds to a charity of the members' choice.

  12. Affiliation. EARS shall be affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain.

  13. Other Matters. Any other matter not explicitly covered by this Constitution shall be decided by the Committee.