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This project was sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council

Learning and Education

This part of the website contains information and educational activities for families and schools, based around the history of the Marks Hall mansion site. These activities aim to inspire an interest in history, and help children of different ages and abilities learn about what it was like to live in, and work at, a great house at the centre of a great estate through the different ages. Information is available for families and for schools.

For families, there are downloadable activity sheets that can be completed when visiting the site or at home. They are fun and interactive, and are aimed at a variety of age groups.

For schools, there is information on what Marks Hall can offer school groups of different Key Stages and abilities. There are also descriptions of how schools can make contact with us, a selection of worksheets that can be downloaded and completed at the site, or before/after visiting. These will teach the history of the mansion site, and will also link to the history of other lost mansions and different periods in history. These worksheets will be aimed at different Key Stages and levels of learning.

PLEASE NOTE: This section is still under construction.

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