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This project was sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council

Overview of Marks Hall Mansion

The mansion stood at the heart of the Marks Hall Estate. Throughout the centuries, the mansion, and manor house before it, had numerous owners, all of whom contributed to the house in different ways. The Honywood family owned Marks Hall, along with other estates, from the late Sixteenth- to the late Nineteenth-century. More information in the history of the house and its owners can be discovered on the history page.

The house is no longer standing, having been demolished in 1950. The true reasons for its demolition are obscure and complex; current research aims to uncover a more definitive answer. An archaeological dig is also taking place, revealing the footprint of the Jacobean mansion, and tracing the earlier history of the site. This dig is being carried out by the Colchester Archaeological Group.

In July 2012, the Department of History at the University of Essex was awarded a grant by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to help research the history of the mansion, and contribute to historical knowledge of lost mansions. As part of this project, efforts are being made to use archaeological discoveries and academic research to interpret the original appearance of the mansion, and to give members of the public an insight into the life, times, and feel of the house.

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