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Networked Interaction Laboratory

The Networked Interaction Laboratory (yes, it's pronounced “NIL”) provides a focus for research into human-computer interaction with a strong emphasis on virtual reality applications. The “networked” part of the name arises from the way in which the distributed hardware and software components that form the NIL infrastructure are controlled and managed.

We have specific expertise in:

  • Super-high-definition displays, up to 4096 x 2400 pixels in stereo (stereo 4K) and 7680 x 4322 pixels (8K) monoscopic; each of these takes up an entire wall of a laboratory
  • Computer networking, encompassing both high-performance optical networks and state-of-the-art wireless networks
  • Computer vision, both for interaction and for specific applications; we produced the world's first computer vision system that can learn to solve multiple tasks purely by training
  • Gestural interfaces using computer vision and/or devices such as the Microsoft Kinect
  • A dizzying array of other controlling devices, including data gloves, bicycles and, thanks to Essex's BCI group, thought control!
  • Augmented reality, both augmenting the real world with computer generated content and inserting real-world information into virtual spaces
  • Wearable computing (we produced the world's first multi-modal wearable interface package), and particularly wearable augmented reality
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